Friday, November 14, 2014

Lombok - Honeymoon Trip - The Food

Hello and salam dearies,

I got a question from a reader to write about the foods there. So I will try to write about it. However, I don't really remember what we ate while we were there. Besides, when the food reach us, we were too hungry to even snap pictures. 

This is the first meal that we had. If you ask me what is that, I am sorry because I can't remember it anymore. Haha -_-" But the pineapple juice is complementary as a welcome drink. We were too hungry at that time. That explains the 3 dishes for only the 2 of us. 

On our final night, we decided to have romantic dinner serve by the hotel. They called it Rijsttafel which means traditional Indonesian dish back when the dutch were living in Indonesia.

We have the whole gazebo, which place by the beach only for us. With candle, flower petals, and sound of waves. The setup is very romantic. Then, started to pouring rain heavily. Haha. But both husband and I agree that the rain makes the scene even more romantic. 

Here is the menu for our dinner : 
  • Entree : Lebui Soup (Lombok black bean soup with sliced celery)
  • Main (serve with white rice) :- 
    • Empal daging (flavoured fried beef with fresh coriandler)
    • Sate pusut (Soft mint snapper mixed with grated coconut moulded onto bamboo skewers and grilled)
    • Pelecing kangkung - (Steamed water spinach and bean sprouts in a spicy Lombok sauce)
    • Cumi bumbu Bali (Whole small baby squid with Balinese spices)
    • Ayam Bakar Madu (Grilled chicken breast with Javanes spices and honey flavours)
  • Dessert : Lombok tropical fruits
  • Condiments : Kerupuk, acar & sambal

I think this dinner itself already cover most of their local dish. Pelecing kangkung is one of Lombok popular local dish. Their sambal is really spicy and my stomach can't take it.

As I mention in my earlier entry, Lombok is a Muslim land. You won't see any babi golek anywhere you go. So you will have the confidence that the food is Halal. 

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