Monday, November 24, 2014

Lombok - Honeymoon Trip - Cidomo

Salam readers,

On day 3 of our stay, as I listed here, we went to Puri Mas Spa Resort for some pampering session. This spa resort is a sister resort to the one we stay. Read about it here.

This Spa resort is very interesting.There were many exotic animals that the owner kept. One that I really like were the antelope. They were really friendly and I got the experience to pet them.

At first, we just see them from afar. Lucky for us, the worker is about to feed the animals. So he offer us to come in & play with them.

Other than antelopes, there are many other animals here. Some of which I don't even know what it's called.

Done with the spa & the animals, we leave the resort via taxi. On our way back, we decided to make a stop at Senggigi town to get some souvenirs. Unfortunately, we didn't take any photos of Senggigi town. We were too busy choosing souvenirs for everyone.

From Senggigi town to our resort, we decided to went back local style. Since the day we arrive Lombok, we notice the local always use this ride. We ask our driver what is that and he explains that it is called Cidomo. A ride that is use by the local to commute between one village to another.  

Cidomo is actually a horse-drawn carriage. However, they only use kuda padi (a smaller type of horse. Like a pony). I am not sure whether pony & kuda padi is the same thing or not. Since Cidomo is very popular among Lombokian, we make a point that we must ride it at least once.

Alhamdulillah we got the chance to experience it & we were quite surprise by how fast the thing can go. Like seriously! It is one of the experience you need to try once you in Lombok. With that, I end this entry with a video of us riding a Cidomo. 

Note : This will be my last Lombok entry.

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