Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baju Cantik

Salam dearies, 

When it comes to traveling, the thing I hate the most is packing. (What else right?). If only all of my clothes can be miraculously pack & ready. I have to choose the outfit wisely. Being a lady (ehem!), we still need to look good while travel. 

The main outfit criteria for travel is Baju Cantik. Once baju dah cantik, barulah boleh tangkap gambar cantik-cantik. Then you can shoot #OOTD at variety of places.

For me, my first choice of outfit that falls under Baju Cantik category is Long Maxi Dress. 
I super love maxi dresses. Even my colleagues know my passion towards maxi dresses. I have quite a collection of it. My wedding outfit was inspired by variety of maxi dress as well. Why I love it so much? Simple. Because IT FITS ANY OCCASIONS. Weddings, Travel, Office Wear, Casual Wear, Dinner Parties. You. Just. Name. It. 

Even some people wear maxi dress during Hari Raya these days. (Guilty as charge). The best thing about maxi dress, I just need to find a matching scarf then I good to go. Plus point for maxi dress, it fit pregnant ladies as well. Heck, if I happen to get pregnant later, I don't have to search for new outfit. Kan dah jimat! 

Even The Duchess of Cambridge wears it! 
I can drag on and on about maxi dresses. But sometimes I do get bored of maxi dresses. There are days that I  feel like I want to mix and match. When I feel like it, I will choose Loose Fitting Blouse. Another category that falls under my Baju Cantik. It is decent enough and it versatile enough. I can wear it to work, events or just on casual day but still be in style. The pure joy of mix & match because these blouses comes in many designs! From floral printed to abstract designs and even simple plain. I can match it based on my moods and I can match it with jeans, trousers or long skirt. The selection varies. Yet, you still look feminine & poised in it. 

Sometimes, I want to be more adventurous. Try out the new style. I want to look sexy and be flirtatious (only towards my husband) but still looks good. So I will pick bodycon dress. An outfit that still falls under my Baju Cantik category. This dress will boost your sexiness level to the top. Some people might be intimidated to wear this dress due to its tightness. This body hugging bodycon dress can be worn to special dates, romantic dinner or even at the office by matching it nicely with the right choice of shoes and accessories. If it were me, I will pair it with a cardigan for office or casual wear.  

So which type of Baju Cantik do you prefer? Long Maxi Dress, Loose Fitting Blouse or Bodycon Dress? Tell me your answer and quickly grab them at ZALORA.COM.MY. 

Excuse me, why are you still here? Head down to Zalora now and get rambang mata for your choices of Baju Cantik. 

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