Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lombok - Honeymoon Trip - Where to stay?

Salam All, 

In my previous entry, I explain why we choose Lombok for our honeymoon. Click here to read.
Today, I will tell you guys where we stay in Lombok.

The resort is divided by 2 and located separately (1 is Beach Resort  & another is Spa Resort)
If you want to stay near the beach, please take the Beach Resort. Where we stay.
You still can visit the Spa Resort (located near Senggigi town area) and have a massage there.
The Spa Resort also have a Mini Zoo where you can see some exotic animals.

We choose Puri Mas as it has good review and perfect for our budget.
Apart from that, the resort was design with Indonesion culture.
This resort also is a child free resort. So you won't see any children running around here and there.
The rules is for the safety of the children. You don't want any children to get drown in a swimming pool or sea right?

Apart from that, TV is upon request. There is no TV in your room.
But you are in your vacation right? Why you need TV anyway?

We choose Quirky Budget Room. The bed is a four poster queen bed.
With an additional single bed. Water filter & drinks is inside the room. So you won't get thirsty.

Some of the bathroom is an open air bathroom. You can see the sky while you were showering. It's a nice concept. However, I am not comfortable with this kind of bathroom, so I emailed them & ask for an indoor bathroom.

The hotel also provide packages like tour packages, snorkeling packages, diving packages, waterfall tour and more. I request from the hotel what are the packages they offer and they provide me a booklet of it with summary of activities will be done. So from the packages we choose City Tour and I will write about it later.

The downside of this hotel, it took roughly 1.5 hours from the airport. 30 minutes north to three famous Gili (Gili is a popular place for snorkeling & diving). And it is 10 minutes away from Senggigi town area. You need to ride a cab to get there and the cab can only be get via hotel reception. At Senggigi, there are many other snorkeling packages offered. But we only discover it late, so we decided not to take it. Souvenirs can also be found here. 

Hence, if you want a private & secluded place, this hotel is a perfect place for you. The view is spectacular.
But if you want to taste local food, it is better that you stay near Senggigi. Most of the times, we just order hotel food as the price is still reasonable.
If you want to snorkel or diving, it is better to stay at a hotel near the 3 Gili areas.
But if you stay in Puri Mas, you still can go to Senggigi town and see what are the packages they offer.
Decide which one you want & the choice is yours.
Love from us.